from 1996


from 1996



  • Group tours, Finnish Lakeland and Koli National Park
  • Koli Cultura, an investment property for responsible tourism, next to the Koli National Park, Finnish Lakeland


  • Laajasalo Church, demanding roof structures, work management and technical implementation, Helsinki
  • Kannelmäki sheltered house, renovation, Helsinki
  • Havumäentie nursery school, Klaukkala
  • British Embassy, renovation, Helsinki
  • Renovation destination in Suomenlinna area, Helsinki
  • Vaativa KOy Yrjönkatu 11, renovation in valuable properties and offices, Helsinki
  • Apartment house in Lundinkatu, demanding roof sturctures, concrete and custom works, Porvoo
  • KOy Linnanrakentajantie 4 Herttoniemi, renovation in offices, Helsinki
  • Pukinmäki sheltered house, custom works, Helsinki
  • Architecturally high standard houses (eg renovation and extension of a residential building of high cultural and historical value), Helsinki

The main contractors in construction projects have been RakennusGemini Oy, Lujatalo Oy and few others.


Investment property Koli Cultura

An investment destination and becoming center for responsible nature tourism. Located in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish Lakeland. Right next to the world famous Koli National Park, with over 15% annual growth.

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